Shell Advance Long Ride 10W-40 with (Free Key Chain) and (Free Delivery)
April 2, 2023
Shell Advance 4T AX5 20W-40 with (Free Ducati Keyring) and (Free Delivery)
April 2, 2023
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Shell Advance Fuel Save 10W-30 with (Free Key chain) and (Free Delivery)

৳ 925

Shell Advance Fuel save is our affordable premium-tier 4 stroke motorcycle engine oil. Its part synthetic formulation consists of high quality synthetic base oil and motorcycle-specific additive pack with Active Cleansing Technology.

With Advance fuel save riders can enjoy the benefit of 5 extra kms for every liter per fuel as it enhances fuel efficiency.

The high quality synthetic base oil combined with the unique Active Cleansing Technology additive helps to cleanse and keep the motorcycle engine cleaner. A clean motorcycle engine will run more efficiently and will be better protected.

Shell Advance Fuel save 4 stroke motorcycle engine oil meets the requirements of most motorcycle manufacturers.

Key Features:

  • Keeps engine cleaner
  • More effecient power delivery & enhanced responsiveness
  • Reduce engine noise & vibration
  • Protects & prolongs engine life

Available in viscosity grades: 10W-30

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