Textile machines and their components are always subjected to high-stress conditions. Constant changes and mostly high loads, vibrations and varying operating conditions require the toughest equipment. Other external factors such as humidity and extreme temperature variations also play a vital role. Maintenance is an arduous task and so, therefore, carried out only at long intervals in many cases.


Shell Morlina

Efficient bearing and circulating systems are characterized by their ability to operate at or beyond their original design parameters. Consistent and reliable lubrication, whatever the operating conditions, is key.

Shell Omala

The longer an oil’s life, the less fluid maintenance your equipment requires, so it can continue to operate without interruption.

Shell Rimula

Shell Rimula’s adaptive technology gives outstanding wear protection with reduced viscosity for improved fuel economy.

Shell Corena

The Shell Corena range of air compressor oils has been developed to let you select the oil that will help deliver optimum value to your operation through enhanced wear protection, long oil life and high system efficiency.
Developed in close co-operation with customers and equipment makers. A wide range of industries are benefiting from Shell’s proven lubrication performance that adds value to their businesses

Shell Diala

Shell Diala transformer oils help protect your equipment and ensure efficient operation throughout its lifetime.
Shell Diala transformer oils are now formulated with GTL Technology to meet the demands of modern transformers, including increased loads, higher voltages, and longer operational lifetimes.

Shell Heat Transfer Oil

Shell Heat Transfer Oil is a heat transfer fluid for use in indirect closed fluid heat transfer systems with bulk temperatures up to 320°C.

Shell Mysella

The Shell Mysella range of gas-engine oils has been developed to deliver optimum value to equipment operators through enhanced wear protection, long oil life and high system efficiency.
To meet the challenges of a wide range of gas-engines and applications, Shell has designed a portfolio of fluids that enable you to choose a product to match your technical and operational needs.