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Myths and Reality of Changing a Car’s Engine Oil

The engine is the heart of any vehicle. You need to understand that the engine is the most important part of the vehicle and accordingly, you should take the most care of it. If we compare the engine to the heart, then the engine oil has to be compared to its blood. If the engine is good, you can be expected to drive comfortably from the car. When it comes to oil, many different myths and misconceptions have either invaded general knowledge or used to be true but no longer are. Today’s blog is on the myths and reality of changing a car’s engine oil and how often should you change your car’s engine oil?

Check below to know some myths of changing engine oil,


Myth 1: Dark oil needs to be changed

Gritty or grainy oil is dirty and needs to be changed ASAP. However dark color of oil is not a strong indication that your oil is dirty or no longer doing its job.


Myth 2: Change your oil before the road trip

Before going on a prolonged road trip, you should check your oil but you don’t always need to change your oil. If your car will need an oil change during the trip then it is better to get it done ahead of time. But if the miles do not put you over the limit then your car will be fine on the trip.


Myth 3: Once you go synthetic you cannot go back to normal oil:

These are the biggest myths of changing engine oil. As long as you are putting the correct type of oil in the engine you can switch between synthetic and petroleum-based varieties without any issues.


Myth 4: You need thicker motor oil for extra protection:

This is one of the common myths out of all. Many modern and newer vehicles recommend lower viscosity grades for better fuel economy and tighter tolerances, not the thicker motor oil.

When you think of the need to change engine oil, you can see for yourself. However, most of our readers will understand if they have minimal driving experience. Now let’s check some ways to find out if your car’s engine oil needs to be changed very recently. Some things directly indicate that you must change the engine oil, as your car will not behave normally.


Abnormal engine performance:

Your car’s engine will not work as expected, it will make more noise which indicates that it needs something or there is some problem inside it. First, check if you need to change the engine oil, then if the problem persists, you should go to a mechanical store. In that case, you have to be tried to resolve this asap, otherwise, your car can be severely damaged.


Check oil level:

All already know this. You should do it whenever you think you have a problem with engine oil. This is one of the easiest ways to know the condition of the engine. Use the engine oil level tester to do this.


Keep an eye on your engine oil meter:

This is the easiest way to know the point. Most car owners/drivers know this is an indicator that indicates the level of engine oil. You can get help from it.


Standard Mileage:

There are many questions in the minds of car owners that how many kilometers of engine oil can be used normally? It is good to keep in mind that one engine can run up to 3000 miles on average. To protect your engine, you can change the engine oil every 3,000 miles. You can use the engine oil more, but if you want to be careful about the safety of your car/engine, you should change the engine oil after running a certain distance i.e. 3000 km.

We hope you find these tips helpful enough. Stay safe and happy traveling.

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