Motorcycle Helmet Care Tips
Motorcycle Helmet Care Tips
June 28, 2021
Motorcycle riding tips on hot summer days
Motorcycle Riding Tips on Hot Summer Days
July 29, 2021
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Shell has been helping people on their journeys for over a century. They play a key role in the essential journeys people make every day. Whether this is for work, education or to deliver goods and services. Shell is the number one mobility retailer in the world, serving 30 million customers per day. To meet the needs of these customers, they are continually evolving, offering the fuels, lubricants, car care, convenience retail products, and services they need to make the most of their journeys. Looking boldly into the future, Shell is continually innovating and collaborating to respond to the changing mobility landscape, anticipate the evolving needs of their customers, and offer more and cleaner energy solutions in line with their net-zero ambitions, both now and in the future.


In 1924, Shell provides the fuel and lubricants for a promising young Alfa Corse driver by the name of Enzo Ferrari. Five years later, when Enzo steps away from full-time competition to set up Alfa Romeo’s Grand Prix racing team, he is determined for Shell to come with him. Powered by Shell Dynamin fuel and Shell motor oils, the team goes on to win every major event in Europe and Africa as well as the Vanderbilt Cup in America. Later on, the next exciting chapter started with Scuderia Ferrari and Shell. They are not only continuing to aim for success on the track through effective product development, but also, developing and implementing solutions that will support in reducing the team’s carbon footprint, helping them to achieve their broader sustainability targets.


The historic relationship between Shell and ScuderiaFerrari, which dates back to 1929, is one of the most successful and well-recognized in Formula One™ and has delivered significant successes in its long history, with Shell race fuels and lubricants powering Scuderia Ferrari to 10 Constructors’ titles and 12 Drivers’ Championship wins. Throughout this long collaboration, the learnings and innovations taken from the racetrack have been used to develop better products for Shell customers around the world.


Shell’s investment in research and development in Formula One™ has one main purpose – to develop better fuels and lubricants for customers around the world, where innovations from the track are transferred to our road-going products. Throughout the Innovation Partnership with Scuderia Ferrari, Shell has been able to deliver consistent improvements. Since the introduction of the turbo-charged hybrid power unit in Formula One™, Shell has consistently developed performance and efficiency gains from Shell V-Power and Shell Helix Ultra race formulations, contributing up to 25% of Scuderia Ferrari’s Power Unit lap-time gain3. They also enhanced product innovations in 2017, Shell and Scuderia Ferrari co-engineered the friction modifiers used in Shell’s DYNAFLEX Technology. That same year, they were then used in the new Shell V-Power Unleaded road fuels to reduce fuel system deposits in cars all around the world. As a partnership, Ferrari and Shell have taken 22 Formula 1 world titles, 10 constructors’ and 12 drivers’ – and, in the previous renewal in 2015, the oil and gas company was given the title of innovation partner. They share many common values, not least excellence, passion for racing and teamwork, which have made this partnership unique in the history of motorsport.


As their Innovation Partner, they will continue to work on the transfer of racing technology to mobility as well as the ambitious challenges that lie ahead, in particular the aim of Formula 1 to reach a net-zero emissions level by 2030.

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