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Motorcycle riding tips on hot summer days

From the calendar page, summer is over, but the intense heat is not over. On the hot summer days, people search for ways to stay cool. Because such weather conditions can cause a little more headache for riders than anyone else. It is not comfortable to ride on hot summer days. So be especially aware of the ride during the summer.


Let’s take a look at some of the motorcycle riding tips on summer days:


Cover your body with light color safety clothing:  


We know that in the heat of summer, where it is very difficult to wear any kind of clothing, it is more difficult to use special safety clothing and other materials for motorcycle riders. However, our advice would be to avoid dark color or heavy clothing in any way. Wear light-colored clothes instead. Because light color safety clothing will not only strengthen your safety, but it will also protect your skin from the direct sun’s ultraviolet rays in the heat. You can wear mesh fabric motorcycle jackets with liner. Mesh motorcycle jackets are made for people who ride during the hot summer days. They typically have fabric that lets air pass through on the front and the back. The mesh material in the front and back ensure that the fresh air is blown all through the jacket. 


Use a lighter color helmet with proper air ventilation: 


The helmet plays an important role in keeping the rider cool and dry in summer. This will not only provide safety and comfort but also maintains your cool during sunny rides. The proper ventilation system, dual visors, and many other features contribute to the best helmet. Use lighter colored and ventilated helmets. It can add extra benefit or a dedicated room for air circulation. You can also wear preferable sunglasses if needed. 



In hot weather, everyone has to try to fill the dehydration of the body by drinking water and liquid food. So before you start riding, you should drink enough water to stay hydrated. If you are riding for a long time, you must keep a water bottle, saline water, Gatorade etc. Also, avoid liquids like coffee or alcohol, as they create more dehydration in the body.


Avoid Heavy & Rich Foods:

Before any long ride you should eat well, pack on proteins and carbs to boost your energy levels but don’t overdo it either. Avoid heavy and rich foods because due to intake of very high fat-based foods it can cause severe acidity. The best foods to eat while endurance bike rides are small, bite-sized carbohydrates. It’s possible to make your own energy bites or energy bars. Fruits, bread and other carbohydrates with a high glycemic index are also good snacks for long bike rides.


Take enough break for a long ride:

The intensity of heat as a machine will continue to increase while riding a motorcycle, meaning the more time you continue to ride a motorcycle, the hotter the bike will be and the longer it will take to cool down. So, if you are out on a long trip, plan in such a way that you can take a ten-minute break after running for a minimum of 50km to 100km. Take adequate breaks on riding at regular intervals and consider it mandatory. This will keep both the rider’s body and the bike healthy and normal. Also, before going out on the hot summer days, fix your route so that you can decide where you can take a break, and when you are taking a break; park your motorcycle under the shade. 


Take good care of your motorcycle:

It is important to take good care of your motorcycle regularly. It doesn’t mean keeping it looking great. But experienced bikers always take this opportunity to ensure that their machine is always technically up to speed. Check tires, clean air filters, keep brake pads fresh, change oil regularly. Use Shell Advance engine oils to protect your engine from overheating. Try not to take your motorcycle for granted. Be vigilant about it and take care!

Hopefully, following these tips will not only keep you in good health but also keep you safe on the road.

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