Strategies to Control Contamination in Lubrication System
Strategies To Control Contamination in Lubrication System
September 14, 2021
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Sany GiRi Special: Long Ride Tips
November 14, 2021
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How to Reduce Motorcycle Noise

There are two types of riders, one loves to get loud and powerful noise from the motorcycle and the other one loves smooth and noise-free ride. Riding a motorcycle is always a fun thing to do. It’s not only a commuting vehicle but also, it’s a true sign of freedom. While riding, every motorcycle has a kind of normal sound. Which is very familiar to the motorcycle owner? When the rider hears an unusual sound, it is as annoying as it is risky in many cases. Unwanted motorcycle noise can divert riders’ attention and cause them to lose riding performance. Reducing the noise could improve the motorcycle efficiency and achieve the best performance with a quieter machine. If you prefer quieter and smoother rides, then here are the top 5 tips on how to reduce motorcycle noises.


  • Clean Exhaust & Reduce Exhaust Noises:

Clogged exhaust causes your motorcycle to emit dark smoke while increasing the noise. As the motorcycle exhaust system is the most mentionable source that produces huge noises. Such noise can be disturbing, and you would have to clean it up before you restore the motorcycle into sanity. Also, use a noise-canceling kit to reduce motorcycle noise.


  • Do Regular Motorcycle Maintenances:

When it comes to motorcycles, a little do-it-yourself maintenance could help to keep you safe. It is better to do motorcycle servicing after every 2000-3000 km. Because poorly maintained motorcycles can never perform noise-free. A well lubricated engine will burn fuel more effectively and therefore perform better. The key to keep your motorcycle engine running smoothly is to use the right engine oil. Shell Advance offers a wide range of engine oils for different riding conditions be it – adventure rides, city communicating, power & performance etc.


  • Keep a clean chain:

Cleaning the chain on your motorcycle is a key part of reducing wear and improving performance on your motorcycle. Also keeping your chain clean will help to run quietly. Because dry chains can make a huge noise to your motorcycle. So if you want to get a noise-free and smoother rolling chain you should clean and lubricate the chain properly within a periodic interval. 


  • Keep the wheels maintained:

If you want to have a safe and noise-free ride, you should take extra care of your motorcycle wheel. Because asymmetrical tires are a vital source of making noises. A good wheel maintenance can protect wheels from making huge noises and any undesired incidents. 


  • Always use good quality gear: 

A helmet is the most important gear for any rider. It protects you from unwanted events, also dulls out some of the sounds of the road to lend a more peaceful air to your ride. Not all helmets are soundproof. You have to choose the right one. To ensure unnecessary noises, and comfort a quality aerodynamic helmet is best to reduce air noises from outside.


In order to reduce your motorcycle noise, keep following the tips and wherever you go enjoy your riding without any hassle or noise. Happy riding!

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