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November 7, 2021
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Sany GiRi Special: Long Ride Tips

There are many riders among us who enjoy long rides on motorcycles. There is a lot of fun in doing a long-ride tour. But if you go out on a long tour, you have to do some pre-preparation for it. Because all you want are safe and hassle-free tours. End of the day it’s all about your happiness and satisfaction. Today we have Saifullah Sany AKA Sany GiRi with us. He is one of the well-known motorcycle enthusiasts and a motorcycle travel vlogger in our country. He has traveled 64 districts with his motorcycle. Today he will share his long ride tours experience with us. Let’s know the preparation and riding tips for a long ride from Sany. For those who want to do a long ride, I hope this article will help.

Primary Preparations for Long Ride:


  • Bike Servicing

Before going on a long tour alone or with a group, you must have the motorcycle checked by a well-experienced mechanic. Because if the motorcycle breaks down on the road, you have to take a lot of hassle getting it fixed. So, if you don’t want to ruin the joy of your tour it’s wise to have it serviced before you leave – engine oil changed, fuel system cleaned, and tires checked. If you are going on a long ride, you can use Shell Advance Ultra or Shell Advance Long Ride to stay protected. 


  • Necessary Things to be Arranged in Advance


Depending on how many days you are going on the long tour, pack your bags. But always try to keep the weight of the bag as low as possible. And always try to take clothes that dry quickly after washing. Be sure to keep motorcycle paper, power bank, mobile charger, necessary medicines, medical box in the bag. Also take your camera gear, riding jacket, check helmet if its ok or not, and tie the bag to the motorcycle in advance. Avoid carrying an extra backpack, no need to carry extra foods when going on a long ride, as it is quite harmful to your body. Sany usually carries two bags: one for his camera gear and another one for his clothes.


  • Motorcycle Tools


Each motorcycle comes with tools; with these tools, you can do small servicing with the motorcycle. If your motorcycle has minor problems on the road, you don’t have to wait for someone else. So don’t forget to keep it with you. If you go to a new destination, put a mobile holder on the motorcycle, and buy internet on a mobile SIM that has more or less internet available everywhere in Bangladesh. If the phone has a net, you can easily go anywhere in Bangladesh by following the map.


  • Try to Start in the Morning


We all know that our country’s highways for riders are not that safe. So, when you go out on a long ride, try to start in the morning. So that you can ride all day and reach your destination safely before nightfall. Don’t take too many breaks.


Last Minute Preparation for Long Ride Tour:


  • Get Some Idea about the Route

Get some idea of the road to where you want to go. Almost everything is now known from the internet. Your long ride will be much safer and more beautiful if you can get some idea about the road.


  • Choose the Right Riding Gears


Always use riding gear when going out on long tours. Long tours are just as enjoyable as they are dangerous. So if you want to go on a long ride, you must try to use good quality certified full-face helmet, safety guard, and high boot shoes. These will ensure your safety, riding with them will give you a different kind of confidence.


  • Keep and Maintain a Safe Speed

Don’t over speed, go ahead at a safe specified speed. This will make your body less tired and you will be able to go to your destination better. Be sure to maintain a safe distance from the highway bus/truck when riding on the highway and take good care of the front and looking glass when overtaking. Use horns and warning lights when overtaking.


  • Choose the Right Weather


“If I think from a Bangladesh perspective winter is best for long tours. But in winter you can’t enjoy the real beauty of nature. Because the scenic beauty of the winter is dull. So, if you want to see the real beauty of Bangladesh, the rainy season is the best in my viewpoint. Though there are a few cons too. Like when it rains, we need to stop riding and wait. But you can avoid it by wearing the right gear. Like a raincoat. Though it varies from person to person. The best part about winter is you can ride a motorcycle continuously without stopping or taking a rest. Because you will not sweat.” – Said Sany.


  • Brief the Team if you’re Riding in a Group


If you are going with a group, then brief your team beforehand. Because you cannot stop in the middle of the road and find each other. If you brief them correctly on where to take a break, where to go, what is the route then it will be helpful for the team.


  • Keep connected with your family


If you have any problems, your family will come first. So always keep your family updated wherever you go. This will keep your people worry-free and you will be relaxed.


One thing to keep in mind that when doing a long ride, you have to return home in good health. So, ride the motorcycle responsively and return home safely.

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