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Motorcycle Helmet Care Tips

Over the past few years, the number of motorcycle users are increasing to save time and cost. Almost every rider carries a helmet to meet the responsibilities of the traffic law though there are many excuses as people are reluctant to wear a helmet regularly. ‘The head feels heavy’, ‘There is no air’, ‘It feels hot’, ‘The head sweats’, ‘The inside is dirty with sweat and dust’, ‘There is foul smell’, ‘The visor is muddy’, etc. Many motorcyclists do not pay as much attention to the helmet on his head as they do to their own shoes. They like to get up in the morning and wear shiny shoes but a dirty helmet! A helmet is considered as the crown of a biker, so the king’s crown should be clean, clear, and shiny. Also, a helmet carries the identity of a biker’s taste.

So, here we are with top four motorcycle helmet care tips for you!


Remove the dust from the helmet after every ride:

When returning from any ride, you must make it a habit to remove the dust from the outer shell of the helmet. You can do it every time at the end of the ride or daily. It is a practice of just a few seconds but extremely useful. As a result, you’ll find that even hard dirt does not easily accumulate in the helmet.


Dry the wet helmet:

Your helmet may get wet by the time you reach home or work after a ride in the rain or thick fog. In that

case, drying the helmet should be your priority. Wipe the outer shell with a soft cloth (microfabric) and if the inner liner or padding is wet, use a tissue to absorb the water. It is best to leave it in a warm or ventilated place. Remember to keep the visor open while drying it up.


Clean the whole helmet:

As a result of using the helmet for a long time, it usually gets dirty on the inside and the inner padding or liner can start to smell. To prevent this the whole padding of the helmet should be cleaned well with a light cleanser. Be careful with the visor & outer shell while cleaning. To dry up the air ventilators, use a soft brush or low power hairdryer.


Store the helmet in a warm well-ventilated place:

We only use our helmets when riding bikes and it remains unused for the rest of the time. We should store the helmet in a clean and dry area. Helmets should never be kept under direct sunlight, or in a wet or damp place. It is not advisable to store the helmet in a box or closed closet as fungus can grow in these conditions. It is best to store helmets in a warm place with adequate ventilation.


The above-mentioned tips are the best practices to maintain your helmet. Remember, your helmet is your best friend on the road! So, always wear a helmet and keep yourself safe from unpredictable situations. Happy riding!

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