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May 25, 2021
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Motorcycle Riding at Night

Many people ride at night when they need to or as a hobby. Many people choose nights for long journeys or fun rides. Many also choose the night for a quiet ride without traffic jams. Night means darkness and darkness means danger. In our country, the road conditions are not so pleasant and at the same time there is a lack of well-lit roads. So, the need for caution is greater.

Let’s list some tips for riding a bike at night – The advantage of riding a bike on a city road at night is that there are road lamps on the road. The problem is the large number of cars. And so it is a little more difficult to ride a bike at night than during the day. Even then, it is possible to reduce the hassle and risk a bit if we keep in mind the following: –



At night the headlights are called the “lifeline” of the biker. At night in the city, the headlights have to be kept low, so that it is more convenient to see the nearest road, as well as the driver in front of the light, does not bother him.



Speed ​​is an important thing for safe motorcycle riding. More speed means more risk, that’s for sure. Speeding at night increases the amount of risk a lot. For the safety of your life, you should ride a bike at night at a lower speed than during the day.



You must wear a helmet while riding on the highway at night, and it is better if it is bright color. Because if the light of another car falls on your helmet, you can be seen from a distance.


Passing & Indicator Lights:

Passing & indicator lights are used a lot at night. Headlights are used to see the front and overtake another car. For changing lanes, yellow lights are used. The rear red taillamp has a warning for the rear car. So, if you want to ride a bike at night, you need to know the use of bike lights. It is wise to check if the lights are working fine before starting your night ride.



Reflectors can be used in different places on the bike such as above the headlights, in contrast to the looking mirror, around the alloy wheel, so that the driver of the other car can understand your position from a great distance. You can wear a windbreaker with a reflector.


Have enough fuel:

Fill the bike with fuel according to the distance to the destination. There is no need to run out of fuel or refill on the way. Also, check your engine oil level, you can use Shell Advance Motorcycle Oils for better performance. Because Shell Advance has designed a range of products for different types of bikes and riding styles with a product portfolio consisting of 4T motorcycle and scooter oil.


Don’t stop on the lonely road:

For whatever reason, do not stop the bike on a secluded road, if something gets on the bike, or something gets stuck in the tire, leave the area as soon as possible. The chances of snatching are high. Don’t get involved in unnecessary arguments or quarrels with anyone on the road for any reason, it might be a bike snatch trap.


Do not ride alone:

Do not ride alone on night rides. If possible, take another with you, who can ride the bike. Very good if you ride in a group.


In the end, danger is not a daily occurrence. However, if you take some precautions, danger can be avoided. Happy riding.

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