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March 21, 2021
How to get more mileage from your motorcycle
How To Increase Mileage From Your Motorcycle
May 2, 2021
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Pro tips to boost your riding skills

A motorcycle is a popular commuting machine worldwide. It’s the symbol of speed and a sign of freedom. Bike riding is like an addiction. For all riders, learning to improve your motorcycle riding skills is a continuous lifelong process. No matter how long you’ve been riding, there is always room for improvement in your essential riding skills. Never take riding for granted and always try to get better.

Here are some pro tips for your safety and boosting your riding skills:

  1. It’s all about practice and safety

You need to practice a lot to ride a motorcycle well and smoothly. Therefore, practice a lot in the open or in the open field. The higher your level of practice, the more you can prepare yourself for different situations on the road. To stay safe while riding a motorcycle, you need to make a lot of decisions in a moment, so decide what to do in a situation through practice.

  • Wear the right clothing

Clothing is an important matter. It is essential to wear the right clothes and shoes for your safety. Wearing short and loose clothes is not a good idea because they are not safe. These also increase the chances of slipping at the same time. Hard shoes are essential when riding a bike because the sole of a soft shoe can slip. Leather shoes are good for safety and their heels are low. This will help you to keep your balance. Also always try to wear a long leather shirt, pants, gloves. But don’t wear a leather jacket while it’s raining. All you can do for safety is a perforated jacket that will keep you safe and cool at the same time.

  • Learn about the law

After buying a bike, ride your motorcycle in your area for at least 15 days to 1 month. Do not ride the motorcycle on any highway or major road in Dhaka. Ride a motorcycle at a speed of 20-35 km in your area first. After 1 month of riding a bike in your area, go to BRTA and apply for a driving license. To know the fastest way to get your license, check out this article- https://rkpl.com.bd2021/03/11/how-to-get-a-motorcycle-driving-license-in-bangladesh/. This is critical as riding vehicles without a license is illegal. Follow the traffic rules. Make sure you ride the bike according to your skills on the road and don’t think about your friend’s skills because his skills are different from yours. Wear helmet. Helmets protect our heads from any kind of accident. without helmets, you might get fined.

  • Be alert for speed breakers

Often people forget to pay attention to the speed breakers which can be in the middle of the road, or not visible due to traffic, or because of the shade of the big trees. So, in such situations, please carefully ride the bike by being alert for speed breakers or potholes in the road. Shell Advance Motorcycle Engine Oils offers you a high degree of reliability and enhanced control, giving you an enjoyable ride at all times.

  • Check the weather

Be prepared for sudden changes in weather. You may see clear skies and beautiful weather when you leave the house and then a storm may start. Never ride a bike in bad weather unless absolutely necessary, it is risky in heavy rain because when wet roads make the road slippery, you should be extra careful while riding. On slippery roads, you must ride slowly and have enough space to stop the bike. Change the way you ride your bike depending on the weather. If you don’t feel comfortable riding a motorbike in a rainstorm, stop and wait until the storm stops. However, the bike must be ridden very carefully during the rain.

  • Carrying passengers

When you carry someone in the back make sure he is holding on properly. Before carrying passengers on a motorcycle, you must first get used to it as the balance of the bike will change with another person. Make sure your passenger doesn’t distract you while riding. Please ensure that your passenger is also wearing a helmet.

  • Aiming at the bend of the road

Whenever you ride a bike on the highway during the day or at night, keep a close eye on everything around you. Whether the road is uneven or broken, how wide is the bend of the road while going around the corner, is the road is slippery or muddy? If you have the above, cornering can be dangerous for you. Check your headlights well at night and then get out on the bike. Make sure you use transparent and good quality lights.

  • Pay attention to traffic and road conditions

You always have to follow what kind of vehicles are moving in front of you and how they are moving. Because all the vehicles that move with you are on the same road as you and they also have a certain level of speed and control. We must use a loud engine. This is for our safety so that other bikers will notice that we are coming from the other side. When you change lanes, look twice to the right and left to avoid collisions.

  • Technology

Anti-lock brakes have been created with the help of new technology. If your wheels get locked, you can lose control of your bike and have an accident. To avoid this, a biker must practice stopping the bike at a minimum distance and must apply it on the road after a certain period of time when you become proficient.

  1. Be careful between the bridge and bus-truck overtake

The air pressure between the bridges or large bridges over the river is extremely high and very random. So, if your bike is under the control of that wind pressure, it is better to ride the bike carefully at a controllable speed. Also, if you see in the middle of the highway that long-distance buses or trucks start competing to overtake. Stay in a safe position, never go ahead and overtake them.

Following some of the above tips will make your bike riding safer and boost your riding skills. Drive the motorcycle carefully. Stay safe and stay healthy.

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