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How to get more mileage from your motorcycle

With the change of time, motorcycles have been gaining huge popularity in Bangladesh. In a country like ours where traffic is a huge problem and commuting on rural roads is also a problem, so motorcycles are very helpful in overcoming this problem. Before buying a new bike, new bikers think about its speed, engine performance, but the thing they think about the most is mileage. One thing everyone should know is that mileage is not a permanent issue. Mileage is entirely up to you, no matter what the company claims. The manufacturer will certainly demand good mileage but differences in mileage can be found on different roads and drivers. The issue of mileage is related to engine CC, power, care, and road condition, and many more issues, and a rider needs to take some precautions to get good mileage. Today we have come up with some simple tips that you can use to get better mileage.

Mileage check before buy:

If you want to use the motorcycle regularly, if you want to limit the cost, then look at the mileage. Because mileage is a big deal for long-distance roads every day. Because most of the motorcyclists in Bangladesh face the summer problem and that is mileage reduction. In fact, heat increases the fuel consumption of the engine, as a result, the mileage of the motorcycle decreases and you have to refuel repeatedly. As you know that the price of petrol is skyrocketing, the price of people riding motorcycles every day is now higher than before.

Do not apply heavy tires:

This puts pressure on the engine if the tires are too heavy. Also, Tire pressure is different in every bike. In this case, your bike should use lightweight tires ‍so that the engine does not push and the bike gives more mileage. Also, check the tire pressure at least alternately when you visit a gas station or before you leave for a long ride.

Economy mode:

Economy mode is a must for every bike. Economy mode is marked on the speedometer of each bike. Because riding a bike in this mode gives more mileage to your bike.

Turn off the engine:

Many people do not turn off the bike at a traffic signal because they think that it will consume more fuel when it is not because turning off the bike will save you more fuel and reduce pollution.

Choose the right engine oil:

Right engine oil is very important for the bike. Not only does this make the bike smoother but the engine doesn’t get too hot. Engine oil protects your bike’s engine from any damage. If it changes over time, the bike gives good mileage. With Shell’s innovative PurePlus Technology and Active Cleansing Technology, Shell Advance helps you get the most out of your bike so that you can enjoy every ride. Shell Advance motorcycle engine oils have designed a range of products for different types of bikes and riding styles with a product portfolio consisting of 4T, 2T motorcycle, and scooter oil.

Avoid tripping:

Carrying a triple guy on a bike is not good because it puts a lot of pressure on the engine and the bike consumes more fuel than it needs. You should never triple the bike; it can be very dangerous in terms of safety.

Get your bike serviced regularly:

The recommended service interval for most bikes is 6 months for “regular” use for daily commuters, and 12 months for “light” use for occasional rides. If you use your bike regularly, your bike will need regular servicing. In between services, it will sometimes be necessary to do minor work, for example, pumping tires, adjusting rim brakes for pad wear, and cleaning and lubing the chain. If you use your bike lots, we can help you to learn these basics yourself so that you can save the services for the more significant work.

Well, all that can be said is that the rising fuel costs may not be in your hands, but you can improve the mileage of your bike. All you have to do is follow the above-mentioned proven and easy tips on how to increase the mileage of the bike.

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