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February 18, 2021
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You have planned for it and planned for it and planned for it. And now the time has come for your motorcycle tour…… but before you set off, we recommend a few safety checks which are essential for a smooth ride. We have prepared a quick checklist which will help you stay on top of your bike and any problems which might arise. It will also help you to keep on the road and not stranded on the side of it. Long motorcycle rides do require a certain level of endurance. Breaking down midway is no way to end a ride. Going through an intensive pre-ride safety check is an easy way to avoid frustration when out on the road. All you need are twenty minutes, gauge, maybe some tools, and a hefty dose of diligence. Check these simple steps before every long ride and you will be safe and sound back at home.

  1. Inspect Your Tires: During a pre-ride inspection, check your tires first for wear, tear, damage, and if they are proper inflated since there are only two of them and bikers usually don’t carry a spare. If you are planning to ride hard do inflate your tires to the recommended pressure. This is generally detailed in your owner’s manual or on a sticker on your motorcycle’s frame. Check your tires for any deformities from riding and take a close look at your rims to see if you can spot any damage. Inspect for nails or punctures while rotating your tires.
  2. Tighten Your Bolts: It’s irritating to track down a part of your bike that just came off. Using your fingers, make sure that your axle, axle pinch bolts, fasteners and drain plug are tight. Take the time for adjusting your clutch lever if you need to. Inspect the cable at the lever down to where it connects to the clutch. If you have spoked wheels, check if any of the nipples need tightening. If anything is loose, tighten it to specification. If anything is missing, take note of it.
  3. Verify Fluid Levels: Check your engine oil and brake fluid levels before going out on the journey. You can try Shell Advance Long Ride 10w-40; a fully Synthetic motorcycle oil which is expertly engineered to protect your motorcycle engine up to 6,000 kms. Have a closer look at your front and rear brake reservoirs. Make sure that they are full and not leaking. Go ahead and look inside the radiator cap for overflow. Top it up if you need to. Look inside your tank for any debris or rust and if you need to refuel before you start your ride.
  4. Inspect Your Hoses, Suspension and Brakes: If you park your bike outside in the sun check your hoses for cracks from sun damage. Your bike’s hoses can become brittle and spill the contents of your bike’s fluid all over. Run your palms along your brake lines and radiator hoses. They should feel smooth and free of any abrasions. A leaking fork denotes a sign that it’s about time to replace the seals. Inspect stanchions & the smooth part of the fork for any unnatural bends. Run your index finger down the stanchion feeling for any oil. wipe down your fork This will help keep your seals free of any debris, making them last longer.
  5. Do Your Lights Illuminate Your Ride: Make sure that your motorcycle’s lights are functioning properly! Depress the front brake lever and see if the brake light illuminates. What about the rear brake pedal? Does it light up? What about your turning indicators? Do the front and rear blink in unison? Does the headlight light the road ahead? Could the lens be cleaned up?

If everything looks okay, then it’s time to set off for the tour, Enjoy your ride!!!! Share pictures of your trip in the comments below.

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