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Driving license is an unquestionable prerequisite for anyone and everyone who wants to hit the road and motorcyclists are not out of that league. No matter how skilled a rider you are, you should never ride your motorcycle without a driving license. Motorcycle riding is always a pleasure but doing it without a driving license can put you in unpleasant situation at any moment for breaking the law. No worries, here we are sharing the detailed process of getting a legal driving license for motorcycles in Bangladesh

I) The Process: 4 steps to getting your driving license in Bangladesh

  • The candidate must first apply online ( with the required documents for a learner or apprentice driving license. The online system will issue his/her learner or apprentice driving license and the candidate will be able to print his/her apprentice driving license from the system immediately.
  • After 2/3 months of training, he/she has to take part in written, oral and field tests at the prescribed center on the scheduled date and time. At this/her time the candidate must bring the required proof, his/her/her learner or apprentice driving license (original copy), and pen to participate in the written test.
  • After passing the written, oral and field test, one has to re-apply for the smart card driving license by submitting the required documents and fees in a prescribed form to the concerned circle office. The smart card is issued by accepting the candidate’s biometrics (digital photo, digital signature, and fingerprint).
  • When the printing of the smart card driving license is completed, the candidate is informed to receive it through SMS.

II) Other essentials:

  • Minimum qualifications: Applicant must have passed minimum 8th class or must be 18 years old for non-professional driving license and 21 years old for a professional license.
  • Required documents for a learner’s license:

In person ApplicationOnline Application
Application in the prescribed formApply online on portal
Newly taken 03 copies of the stamp and 01 copy of passport size photoApplicant’s picture with size: 300 x 300 pixels’ size image, 150 KB only
Medical certificate from a registered doctorScanned medical certificate, file size should be no more than 600 KB
Blood group identification certificateScanned copy of blood group identification certificate
Attested copy of National Identity Card, Birth Certificate, or PassportScanned copy of identification, file size should be no more than 600 KB
Scanned copy of utility bill, [If applicant’s current address and National Identity Card address are different, current address utility bill must be attached]Scanned copy of utility bill, file size should be no more than 600 KB
Receipt for the deposit of prescribed fee, 1 Category- 345/- and 2 Category- 518/- to the designated bank of BRTA (list of banks can be found at

III) Required documents for a smartcard driving license:

  • Application in the prescribed form.
  • Medical certificate from a registered doctor.
  • Attested photocopy of National ID Card / Birth Certificate / Passport.
  • Receipt of deposit of prescribed fee (Professional – 1436/- and Non-Professional 2300/-) in the prescribed bank of BRTA.
  • Police investigation report for professional driving license.
  • Newly taken 1 copy passport size photo.

IV) The applicant must be healthy

Before you apply for a driving license, one essential aspect is that you must be mentally and physically healthy.

After getting your motorcycle driving license, do obey all the road rules, these are for your own safety. Before riding, make sure that your motorcycle is completely protected with Shell Advance Motorcycle engine oil. Use a helmet. Don’t over- speed and overtake rashly because your life is more important than anything else. Shell Bangladesh supports safe driving for all kinds of vehicles.

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